Image Licensing


If you are a vendor interested in using an MPDN photo in your advertising, please see below for Commercial pricing and licensing information.

Highlight Photos:

Any highlight photos posted, on mpnd or anywhere on the internet, are not licensed for personal or commercial use. Distribution of highlight photos are strictly limited to the following uses, and the watermark logo must remain in tact when doing so.

You may use highlight photos for:

  • Facebook photo galleries and profile pictures
  • For sale postings
  • Web Forum posts and profile pictures
  • Sharing with Family
  • Computer background or desktop pattern
  • Racer resum√©

You may NOT use highlight photos for:

  • Personal Cards (Christmas / birthday / digital or printed)
  • Any printed materials
  • Advertisements
  • You may not remove or crop out the logo for any reason


Types of licenses we offer:


A Personal-Use license is included with the purchase of any image from our website. Personal-Use pricing is based solely on the file or print size of the image you need, not the specific end use. You don’t have to pay any additional royalties for successive uses of a Personal-Use product. However, as with all MPDN licenses, the rights granted are non-transferable and are limited to you for personal use only. Personal-Use licenses are always non-exclusive.

You may use your Personal-Use licensed image for:

  • Christmas Cards
  • Facebook photo galleries and profile pictures
  • Web Forum posts and profile pictures
  • Personal Websites
  • Sharing with Family
  • Printing posters or photo books*

*A print release is required when printing photos where you do not own the original copyright. Many printers will require a release document in order to print our photos. If you would like to make prints of digital photos purchased, please contact us and we can provide you with the necessary release documents.


Commercial-Use images are licensed with restrictions on usage, such as limitations on size, placement, duration of use and geographic distribution. You will be asked to submit information concerning your intended use of the image, which will determine the scope and cost of the Commercial-Use contract granted. Exclusive rights are also available for purchase for some Commercial-Use products. However, as with all MPDN licenses, the rights granted are non-transferable and are limited to you for the agreed size, duration of use, and medium as is included in the license contract. All Commercial-Use licenses include a Personal-Use license as well. Commercial licenses are subject to model releases and may be denied by persons depicted in requested photo.

You may license a Commercial-Use image for:

  • Website Designs
  • Web banner advertising
  • Product brochures
  • Printed advertising such as: Billboards, Posters, Magazine Advertisements, Brochures

Some of the benefits of purchasing a Commercial License:

  • You will receiving files specifically processed and enhanced for your intended size and medium.
  • Exclusivity Options; Ensuring no one else can use the image during the time frame you select.
  • Discounted rate on design services by Chelsea Klevesahl Advertising and Design.
  • Bulk discounting for annual orders.


Commercial- Use Pricing formulas

Commercial Usage pricing is based on our print prices, doubled and calculated in monthly increments. You may choose to license an image for as little as one month and up to one year at a time. See our 2011 Pricing page for these prices.


If you have any other questions or would like to request a commercial license please contact us at:

Any and all other uses of this photography not specifically mentioned above are prohibited without prior consent of Momentum Photo. Any violation of the licensing terms of use will result in one or all of the following penalties:

  • Failure To License fine
  • Violation of Copywrite fine
  • Unlawful distribution fine