ZARS - BIR - September 6, 2010 Info | Schedule

Lots and lots of riders means lots and lots of photos. Both Chelsea and I were out shooting all day, doing our best to capture everyone as they got faster and smoother around the track.

Be sure to check each page of your session as Chelsea and I shot different corners during each session and moved around a lot during the day.

Monday also gave us probably the biggest Miscellany gallery to date! Lots of pictures of all the riders, volunteers, spectators, campfire, and other randomness that went on during the event. Be sure to check 'em out!

Remember, you can get ALL of your photos from the day in high-resolution for only $50! Just click "Event CD" next to any ONE of your images and we can either place them on the site to download or mail you a CD.

And finally, if you're just here visiting, be sure to check out the Highlight Gallery full of our favorite shots from the day.

Thanks for visiting. Chelsea and I truly appreciate all your support!

Miscellany & Awards

9:10am - Advanced
9:30am - Intermediate
9:45am - Novice
10:00am - New Riders/Track School
10:15am - Advanced
10:30am - Intermediate
10:45am - Novice
11:00am - Advanced
11:20am - Intermediate
11:40am - Novice
12:00pm - Try The Track
12:45pm - Big Bike Shootout
1:40pm - Novice
2:00pm - Advanced
2:15pm - Intermediate
2:30pm - Novice
2:45pm - Small Bike Shootout
3:00pm - Advanced
3:15pm - Intermediate
3:30pm - Novice
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