ZARS - MAM - October 10, 2010 Info | Schedule

What a great way to wrap up the season; perfect weather at a great track!

Sunday's final ZARS track day was greeted with 50 or so smiling faces on a morning that felt more like June than October. Lots of riders got a chance to explore MAM under the watchful eye of the ZARS instructors and control riders, and I saw lots of grinning under helmets at the end of sessions.

For those who hadn't ridden there before, many agreed with my statement that MAM feels like the result of a drunken lovefest between BIR and DCTC. Meaning lots of technical turns but spread out enough to really get your flow on. From a photographic standpoint it's a real challenge however. The track layout makes it very hard to move around and you have two choices of backgrounds: Cornfields or highway.

That being said, the track staff gave me total access - something that I've never had down there before. So I was able to wander around and explore a bunch of new spots. Because MAM has so many long sweeping corners, I was able to park myself at the apex and follow riders through with a nice looooong pan. In non-photo-nerd-speak, this means that everyone looks like they were moving really fast :)

All in all I was pleased with the results from the day and hope you are too. Thanks as always goes out to Jessica and her army of workers and volunteers that make these ZARS days run as smoothly as they do. And last but not least - thanks to all of YOU for your orders and continued support. Chelsea and I truly appreciate the friends we've made this year and we can't wait for 2011.

See you when the snow melts!


9:05am - Intermediate
9:25am - Novice
9:45am - New Rider / Track School
10:00am - Advanced
10:20am - Intermediate
10:40am - Novice
11:00am - Advanced
11:20am - Intermediate
11:40am - Novice
12:45pm - ZARS Shootout
1:40pm - Novice
2:00pm - Advanced
2:20pm - Intermediate
2:40pm - Novice
3:30pm - Intermediate
3:45pm - Novice
4:30pm - Novice
4:45pm - Rider Challenge
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