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I can't start to talk about the overall awesome-ness of Monday's ZARS Track Day at BIR without first bringing up the weather. I did a lot of googling and I couldn't find any better term than "perfect" to describe the day. Not too hot, not too cold, this was juuuuuuuust right.

And it wasn't just your friendly neighborhood photog that was in good spirits as a result; Monday's rider meeting started off with some 120 smiling and eager faces all ready to hone their skills under the watchful eyes of a kick-ass instructor team, which has become synonymous with the ZARS events.

There were a LOT of bikes out there, and it made it difficult to keep track at first. I'm afraid there is a good chance I completely missed some people until the next session, so don't be afraid if you don't see yourself right away. There were some bikes I didn't even notice until the end of some of the sessions!

All in, I shot a total of 18 sessions before I threw on my leathers and stopped being just a spectator. A HUGE thank you to Tony Peterson from Motoprimo for graciously lending me some seat time on his Triumph 675. I only wish I had even half the skills necessary to really flex the muscles on that machine…

Of course, a huge thank you also goes out to Jessica for inviting me to come shoot the event, as well as her staff and all the volunteers who kept everyone informed, fed, hydrated, bandaged, and trained throughout the day.

Enjoy the pictures, and I look forward to seeing you all next time!

- Jonah

Highlight Gallery
9:00am - Advanced
9:20am - Intermediate
9:40am - Novice
10:00am - Advanced
10:20am - Intermediate
10:40am - Novice
11:00am - Advanced
11:20am - Intermediate
12:30pm - "Give it a Try"
1:00pm - Advanced
1:20pm - Intermediate
1:40pm - Novice
2:00pm - Advanced
2:20pm - Intermediate
2:40pm - Novice
3:00pm - Advanced
3:15pm - Intermediate
3:30pm - Novice
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