ZARS - DCTC - May 14, 2010 Info | Schedule

To be completely honest, Friday night at DCTC with ZARS is was one of those times I remembered that I really love this job; I could have stood outside doing nothing at all and been completely happy. Lucky for me I got to shoot some bikes and hang out with friends on what turned out to be a perfect evening.

As per usual, photos are organized by session for easy viewing, and since this was an evening event, you can get all your photos for $25!

Be sure to check each page of your session, as I move around a lot and do my best to make you - and your bike - look fast.


5:20-5:40pm: Beg2/Int1
5:40-6:00pm: FT/Beg1
6:00-6:20pm: Adv/Int2
6:20-6:40pm: Beg2/Int1
6:40-7:00pm: FT/Beg1
7:00-7:20pm: Adv/Int2
7:20-7:40pm: Beg2/Int1
7:40-8:00pm: FT/Beg1
8:00-8:20pm: Adv/Int2
8:20-8:40pm: Beg2/Int1
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