ZARS - DCTC - April 30, 2010 Info | Schedule

Season kickoff special: Event CD for only $25!

Welcome back, everyone! The first Friday night ZARS event of the season wound up being a picture-perfect evening for riding at DCTC. The alternating clouds and sunshine made for some really great lighting and the new paint jobs were looking fantastic.

Be sure to check each page of your session, as not only did I move around a lot per usual - but most sessions were half-sun and half-clouds so there is some great variety. Some of the pictures are there to help you evaluate your riding position (corner entry, apex, exit, etc) while others are there just to make you look fast.


5:00-520pm: Adv/Int2
5:20-5:40pm: Beg2/Int1
5:40-6:00pm: FT/Beg1
6:00-6:20pm: Adv/Int2
6:20-6:40pm: Beg2/Int1
6:40-7:00pm: FT/Beg1
7:00-7:20pm: Adv/Int2
7:20-7:40pm: Beg2/Adv1
7:40-8:00pm: FT/Beg1
8:00-8:20pm: Adv/Int2
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